Programmes and Courses

The Diploma International Film Studies Programme

It is an intensive one-year film course offered by the Film Academy in Písek. The programme provides a practical and theoretical film education and training in English, a professional training in Directing, Producing, Screenwriting, Sound and Editing, Cinematography and Animation. You can study only autumn semester (more theoretical) or if you prefer to take more practical skills, you can take both, autumn + spring semesters.

First semester will be focused on theory and basic practical. The second semester will be entirely devoted to the final project which can be either a 35mm film drama or a documentary film.

IFS Programme - Autumn Semester

The programme is designed for achieving a broad knowledge in Film and Television Production. All students take classes in Screenwriting, Directing (Drama and Documentary), Cinematography, Production and Post-production techniques; selecting one of those fields as their major area of study. Still Photography, Film History and Theory, Film Music, Set design and other courses are also offered to students. The study includes guest lectures by visiting film professionals such as Oscar-nominated cinematographer Miroslav Ondricek (Amadeus, Hair, Ragtime, If...., O Lucky Man!, Awakenings, Valmont etc.) and others. The course is accompanied by practical exercises which focus on specific skills such as studio lighting and camera work.

In the first semester students make up to five-minute film on DV. They are involved in number of practical exercises focusing on craft skills.

Subjects in Autumn Semester



Film Grammar


Production I.

Production II.

Sound and Editing

Film Labs Exc.

Basics of Animation

Work with Film Camera


Work with Digi Camera


Special Effects Exc.

Excercise I. - The Photo Storyboard

Excercise II. - Film Tests

IFS Programme – Autumn + Spring Semester

For those students, who wants to feel the atmosphere of the filmmaking process, it is possible after passing Autumn semester to continue in Spring semester. During spring period students make a ten-minute film on DV (it is possible for the best students to make it on 35mm) or they will make their own documentary film. It is expected the students will form their own crews, involving writer, director, producer, cinematographer depending on their field of specialization.

NOTE: All courses and study programmes begin each October. That means always starts with Autumn semester.


Bachelor Degree Programme

Three specializations in the departments:

• Department of Screenwriting & Directing

• Department of Cinematography, Sound & Editing.

• Department of Animation

Students choose to specialise in ONE of the following four fields:






While students are selected according to one specialisation there are courses, which are common to all students particularly in the first semester.

During the first year, all students take classes in Screenwriting and Dramaturgy, Directing (Drama and Documentary), Cinematography, Sound, Editing and Film Animation with an emphasis on their particular field of specialisation. This is in order to achieve an overview and broad knowledge of Film and Television Production. Still Photography, Set Design, Film Labs, Basics of Animation as well as Czech Language are also required components of study.

The degree programme is structured in such a way that all students not only attend classes in their practical field of specialisation, but also receive a well-rounded Arts education encompassing a range of subjects such as the Theory and History of Art, Literature and Music.

This approach builds upon the tradition laid down by all the major Central and Eastern European film schools.

In the second and third level, students not only concentrate on their field of specialisation, but also continue with theoretical classes. Hands-on experience and teamwork are both given a strong emphasis throughout the programme of study. Therefore, course work includes ongoing practical exercises that focus on specific skills such as writing dialogue and comedy scenes; directing actors; studio lighting; location sound or editing techniques.

At the end of each academic year, students work in project teams to create a short film where the focus is to develop an idea from concept to finished production using their acquired technical and creative skills.

The first level project is a 5-10 minute short film without dialogue and shot on DV camera.

The second level project is a 10-15 minute short film with dialogue and shot on DV camera.

The third level project is a 15-20 minute short film with dialogue and shot on DV camera. In third grade students also will shoot short exercise with dialogue on 35 mm. If  student team wishes to shoot a film longer than 20 minutes they may do so using DV technology or they may pay for additional film stock, film processing and post-production costs or they can choose for their final project to make a documentary film.

Master Degree Program

For students, who already gained the Bachelor Degree in Film Art or in Media and Humanities in their countries or schools abroad, the Film Academy of Miroslav Ondricek offers the possibility to continue with their film studies for Master Degree in departments of Directing and Screenwriting, Cinematography, Sound and Editing and Department of Animation.

As the advanced students they are focusing themselves on developing mainly practical skills in their specialisation. The education during the first grade is based on individual excercises and consultations with our tuiting proffesionals supplied with theoretical lectures. The first grade will be also dedicated to preparation for their diploma film project. The second grade they are entirely concentrating themselves on this project. Students are encouraged to form their own crews, to experience the filmmaking process from the pre- to post-production and to develop their collaborative and communicative skills. The diploma movie is 15 – 25 min. short drama/documetary or animated movie.


Czech Language Course

Learning Czech language is integral part of the Bachelor Degree Programme, because in the second and third grade you might need the language skills for the consultations and some courses. Our school arranges it´s own Czech language education during studying the first grade. Also it is possible to take 3 weeks Intensive language course beyond the winter semester begins.

Dates and Deadlines

Application deadline: 30.4.2015

Rules, Conditions and Fees


International Film Studies Programm (1 semester) 4000 €

Diploma International Film Studies Program (2 semesters) 8000 €

Bachelor Degree Program (for 1 semester) 4000 €

Master Degree Program (for 4 semesters) 12.000 €


IMPORTANT (only for Bachelor Degree applicants):

It is necessary for the student during the first year of studying to get sufficient skills in Czech language. The school offers two classes a week, one conversational and one grammatical (2x45 mins each class). Second grade and third grade are taught in Czech language. The tuition fee in the second and third year is 30.000 CZK for semester.

It is necessary to pay the tuition fee for one semester PRIOR the application deadline. The deadlines you can see in section Dates and deadlines. Right after obtaining payment we will send you the Letter of acceptation, that you will need for your visa application, in case you are non-EU citizen. We recommend you to start with applying for visa 4 months before you begin with studying on FAMO.

The fee is non - refundable. It can be refund only in case of not getting visa or not opening the course.The fees must be made by bank transfer to the Academy´s bank account given below:

Beneficiary: Filmova akademie Miroslava Ondricka v Pisku

Bank: CSOB   

Branch: CSOB a.s. Pisek   

Karlova 107   

39701 Pisek   

IBAN CZ39 0300 0000 0001 9013 4906   


Charges payed by orderer and beneficiary only his bank (SHA)       

NOTE: Applicants from non-EU countries should enquire for the visa requirements for the Czech Republic at their local Czech Embassy or Consulate.   

Students are responsible for their own Health Insurance and any required visas.       

In case if not sufficient number of students applied in time of starting dates, The Film Academy of Miroslav Ondricek reserves the right to postpone or not to run it´s courses. The fees already payed will be fully return to applicants.
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