FAMO's Master degree graduate Matej Šmelko was awarded the Pavel Koutecký award for 2018 at the Elbe Dock film festival for his short graduation documentary 'Úhorná', which follows life in the small village of Úhorná in Eastern Slovakia. 

A crew composed of FAMO students (B. Kočičková, R. Grzybek, V. Lukomskaya, D. Tučník) was selected in the 20th Nespresso talent competition 2018 to be among the top ten films. The winning film will be announced in Karlovy Vary. Fingers crossed!

The 48th film project submitted to Cannes 16 teams as part of the Short Film Corner. Director and FAMO graduate Jan Chramosta's graduation film Bio Buddy was selected as the best short film for the Cannes Film Festival from a total of 2000 films (and over 5000 submissions)!

In the iShorts organised event - the battle of the film schools - FAMO in Pisek's Oliver Beaujard and his graduation film Robine? took away the heavy weight title for best film in Prague last week. Congratulations!!!

Czech director, and multiple Oscar winner, Milos Forman, has died at the age of 86. He is revered both locally and internationally for his work, and is regarded as the best director in Czechoslavkian history. His “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” won five Oscars, including those for best director and best picture. He worked closely with cinematographer, and patron of our school Miroslav Ondricek on such films as Amadeus and Ragtime, and will be deeply missed.

The Czech Lion award 2018 for the best documentary film was awarded to Olga Sommerova for her film, Red. The prize of extraordinary benefit to Czech cinematography was awared to Alois Fišárek. Congratulations to our teachers!!!

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