Students Filip Oberfalcer and Aleš Koutenský attended the Visegrad Film Forum in Bratislava, where they represented our school and introduced their films HEREC (directed by: F.Oberfalcer) and BENNY - short film (directed by M.Hruška). They discussed with the audience the differences between film schools and student productions.


The Czech Television´s show "Klíč" will introduce you the student of FAMO in Pisek - Kateřina Morozová. She was born with a rare condition which prevented her from moving. She controls all only by the mouth. Yet she dared to study to become the cutter and now awaits her final bachelor exam. 

Students from Film Schools in Pisek completed a feature film inspired by the poem Psychopompos written by the American writer - H. P. Lovercratf

More information plus photos here.

The rector of FAMO in Pisek, prof. Gabriel Švejda, handed the Rector´s Award to students Polina Kazakova and Lenka Ivančíková in the presence of television cameras. Rector awarded their achievements at film festivals and spreading the good name of the school. 


Friday 10.3. was a school Open Doors Day. Lot of people came, together with their parents and others who just wanted to look at the environment in which we teach filmmaking, see a professional film camera and talk with well-known pedagogues.




We had the pleasure to welcome a special guest at FAMO last Friday. JOSHUA FAUDEM, a documentary filmmaker from Jerusalem, was invited by the Embassy of Izrael to the Czech Republic and fortunately his journey led also to our school!


Joshua is a graduate of Prague's FAMU and among other things, the author of the award-winning documentary Blues by the Beach and the follow-up comics Mike's Place. There is an interesting story behind its creation, since he witnessed a terrorist attack that happened during the making of the film.

Hereby we would like to thank Joshua, Mrs. Jurková from the Embassy of Izrael and all the participating students for realization of a beneficial lecture and discussion.


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